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Writer's Block: Adult Onset
Putting legal definitions aside, at what age do you think someone can really be considered an adult?
I'd say that you'r an adult when u can handle ur own affairs, can take responsibility for ur actions and wen u know the day after doing hard drinking the night before that tonight u'll drink double to get over this hangover. :P
P.S- I love being an Adult at 15 :)

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This is a hard one, but I agree that maturity and the level of responsibility one can take on, are very good definers. The problem comes when one tries to figure out who is mature enough to do the defining.

I grew up poor as dirt, and I had responsibilities since I was um... I can't even remember how young I was! But I can tell you that I wasn't an adult. I was here and there trying to be an adult child, and saying "if I have to work so this family can eat, then I should be able to make decisions too!" But the truth is that I really didn't have what it took to make those decisions.

In short, if that's possible after all I wrote *grin*, adulthood is a very difficult issue to define. There are some out there who are 20, 30, 40... and still act like spoiled children, and youngsters who are responsible for entire families, so who is the adult? Hard to tell, if one follows society’s guidelines.

Gods! I don't know the meaning of short :(

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