My characters are bossing me around and scrabling my brain.

My book is about an Elemental Witch and thats all im telling u right now. :P

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feeling weird.

Okay its the easter hollidays i finished all my Course Work, i get the next two weeks off, i got lots of party invits and after the easter holls im getting a puppy (she is so dam cute). 

it all seams great....but its not.

I got exams in less than 5 weeks!!! o.O  and iv just chosen what subjects i want to take for year 13 (sixth form).

Pluss the choices ive chosen are mostly essay based;
English lit
Religious studies
and History

I want to take all of these and succeed in them but i have to pass these exams first and im really freaking out!!! 

Im also worryed that the puppy is going to be distracting me alot iv turned down most of the party invits but some of them are birthday parties. 

Also get this..... I have an exam ON MY BIRTHDAY!!!

thats not the end of it i got to b in school for 8:50 that morning!! *cry*

However all is not a falling i have finished my Course work and oh so soon ill never have to do an other lesson of PE ever again!! 

WHOOP! WHOOP! (im actually doing it) :)

So the writing is still on hold i had a really gd idea the other day as well but i wrote it down on paper so i wouldnt get to carried away! ;)

Well im off now to go bore myself to dead by revision! 

"anyone els notice that student and dying is studying put to gether" got that from a button :D

Hugs and Loves,


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