My characters are bossing me around and scrabling my brain.

My book is about an Elemental Witch and thats all im telling u right now. :P

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Tell me what u think?

okay i got an english exam comming up and paper 1 section B part 1 is a description this is what ive written so far what do u think.  


Describe the scene in a dining hall or Canteen at lunchtime.




Thirty seconds had passed since the clanging of the lunch bells had bounced and echoed off the white cold, smooth stone walls and cracked paisley flooring. Disrupting the peace that had temporarily had formed. However, instead of silence now there were only the loud conversations and shrieks of adolescent children pushing and shoving. 

The air was thick with the heat of many bodies large and small, all shoving or dragging themselves forward towards the large double doors, each side smoothed and worn even though they were new and only fitted last year, they looked hundreds of years old. The light had caused a haze to settle over the room giving it the effect of dry ice, tiny particles of dust flouted and danced basking in the suns golden rays. 

Long dark wooden tables stretched length ways across the great space, matching benches ran alongside with deep purple cushions of the best quality. 

Many ran to the very end of the tables throwing bags and jackets onto seats and tables.

it's not finished yet i just wanted to know if i was going in the right direction with this?

Thanks to anyone who comments,
Hugs and Loves,






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