My characters are bossing me around and scrabling my brain.

My book is about an Elemental Witch and thats all im telling u right now. :P

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I have just recovered.

Last night my computer decided to play dead with me but only after id finished and saved all me cw (so not everything was bad) *roll eyes*.

So i was in the middle of writting a chapter wen my computer began to 'freak out' u know the light begins to flick so i saved my work and logged off my computer.  That was my first mistake it didnt turn bk on for another hour.

After turning it on and logging on to my user i found that everything had changed, my desk top piccy had gone switched to the standard vista and i didnt hav any files saved onto my computer.  EVERYTHING HAD GONE!!

I nearly threw my dam computer across the room or at least put a few dents in the sides were my hands had gripped it.  I was i a fowl mood (lol soz by the way go out to my family who had to deal with me) i was so angry i didnt know what to do with myself so to reframe from screaming at my sister for asking my to turn the TV up i went to have a shower and cryed my eyes out in there.  I had at this point lost 5 chapters, 2 possible plots, My character's descriptions and several possible chapter drafts.  so yer i was crying.

I went down stairs and couldnt even look at my Laptop (which is red and made me angry to look at (funny how things work out) i sat down and watched my fav program on the Telly.  The anger was setteling now so i gave my self i choice look again for my files and if i cant find them throw my laptop across the room.  See im calm. ;) . 

It took half an hour but i found all of my files.  i screamed my relife scaring the crap out of my parents who thought i'd seen a spider or something (plz give me some credit there not that scary i just dont like them) they found me with tears in my eyes and a smile on my face looking like some sort of escaped mental patient.  So now i save all of my files onto a usb pen and threaten anyone who goes near my laptop with the any thoughts of downloding in there mind.

Well thats it my mental computer melt down and all in one night impressed i didnt throw my laptop, i know i am.

Hugs and Loves 2 all, hope u NEVER have to go through something like that.


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